Capture Balls

Capture balls, often called Poké Balls, are the devices used by pokémon trainers to capture and store pokémon. There are many verities of capture balls, with vaioring functions and functionalities.

How They Work

E=MC^2, in other words, matter and energy can be freely exchanged between each other and without loss.

Capture balls utilize this in order to store pokémon as energy. wail in a capture ball, pokémon can be considered to be in simi-staces. The will preseve the ball as their body, and be fully aware of their surroundings.

When a capture ball is thrown, once it detects that it as reached a sertin speed, it will then open either expelling its contense, or attempting to ‘suck in’ the nearest pokémon.

When a pokémon enters a capture ball for the first time, the ball takes a second to analyes the genetic make up of the pokémon, and adjust its self to better contain the pokémon; its during this time that the pokémon can attempt to escape capture and break out of the ball.

Once a ball has successfully captured a pokémon, its return feature is enabled. Simply shout “Return!” and the ball will activate its recall beam, which if makes contact with the pokémon its adjusted its self to, the pokémon will be turned into energy. Note: Its important not to hold on to the ball too tightly wail recalling a pokémon, as the ball still needs to open in order to store the pokémon inside it.

It should be noted that while it is possible to recall a pokémon without its consent, it is advised avoid doing this with newly captured pokémon, as this might be upsetting or frustrating to them.

Calling out the captured pokémon is identical to the method of capturing it in the first place. simply through the ball, and when it reaches a certain speed, the ball will open, realising the stored pokémon.

When a capture ball captures a pokémon, it will mark it, making it unable to be caught by another capture ball. The only way to realise the pokémon is to break the ball.

h.4 Varieties of Capture Balls

There are two primary manufacturers of capture balls, Silph Co. and the Devon Corporation.

The most common variety of capture ball is Silph Co.’s Poké Ball, which has has become so iconic that the word “Poké Ball” is often used in place of capture ball.

At first, the two companies focused on separate parts of the market, Silph made multi-poirpos ball, and Devon made spichality balls, but more recently the two companies have been competing more directly. the following is a list of various balls made by each company.

Silph -———————- Devon
Poké Ball -——— Premier Ball
Great Ball -——- Supper Ball
Ultra Ball -——— Hyper Ball
Master Ball -—- Max Ball
Level Ball -——- Nest Ball
Lure Ball -——— Dive Ball
Friend Ball -—— Luxury Ball
Quick Ball -——- Timer Ball

Other balls made by Silph:
Moonball, Love Ball, Heavy Ball, Fast Ball

Other balls made by Devon:
Repeat Ball, Net Ball, Dusk Ball, Heal Ball

Capture Balls

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