Shady Springs

The small town of Shady Springs is located in the north easter corner of North Celios, and is home to Celios’s Dark Type gym, and one of the premier labs on the study of Dark type pokémon.

Its located in the middle of the Shady Woods, with the forest coming right up to the edge of town.


For the most part, Shady Springs serves as a suburb of Moltres City, with most of its residence actually working there and commuting.

The remaining residents who actually work in Shady Springs mostly either work at the pokémon lab, or to support the tourist crowd (Shady Springs has a abnormally high number of restaurants and hotels for its size, due to the influx of tourists that have come to see the Dark pokémon). The town also has a small industrial zone, with factories that posses lumber and manufacture wooden furniture.


Shady Springs was originally founded as a bandit camp* called “Black Water”, named for the apprentice of the water in the shade of the Shady Woods’ thick canopy.

Name name was changed as the tourist boom began shortly after the Dark gym was opened, believing that the town needed a friendlier name.

*This is what it says in the official town history, its not strictly speaking true. The town was originally founded thefts, there is no evidence that they where in fact “bandits”

Shady Springs

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