The Pokémon League

The Pokémon League is the largest international organization in the world. It exists to carry out two goals, protect people form pokémon, and protect pokémon form people. It carries these missions out with two programs, the Pokémon Trainer Program, and The Pokémon Ranger Program.

The Pokémon Trainer Program

The Pokémon Trainer Program was originally founded as a method of training individuals to use Pokémon to protect human settlements form wild pokémon attacks.

Today, the program lives on as a method of regulating the capture, and battling of pokémon for sport.

In order to capture wild pokémon, or to battle tamed pokémon in all but supper controlled circumstances, one needs to have a Pokémon Trainer’s License (or PTL). In order to obtain a PTL, a person must first attend a series of classes at their local (or nearest) Pokémon Gym. Upon passing the final exam, they will be awarded their PTU and will be considered a fully licensed Pokémon Trainer.

Note: It should be noted that wail it required a license to capture and battle pokémon, it dose not require one to purchase (actually that depends on the pokémon) and rase one. Due to this some pokémon are often kept as pets, and its not uncommon for a trainer’s first pokémon to have been his or her pet prior to acquiring a PTL)

The Pokémon Ranger Program

As time pass on, and people got better and better at defending themselves form pokémon, it became clear that it was pokémon that needed protection form people, and so the Pokémon League created the The Pokémon Ranger Program.

Unlike trainers, rangers are highly organized with a complicated hierarchy of commanding officers and subanordnates. The hierarchy can be thought of as a mix of fudile hierarchy (one person being in charge of a pice of land, and people who in charge of smaller pieces of that land) and a military hierarchy (very clear ranks based off of time and performance)

Rangers are charged with protecting nature and enforcing the laws and regulations of both The Pokémon League and (when applicable) the environmental laws of the local government. This can take the form of anything from protecting animals from pouching to issuing fines and sometimes even arresting owners of industrial facilities that do not comply to environmental standers and regulations.

Roll in Government

he Pokémon League is incredibly powerful and influential, to the point of some people thinking of it as a government of sorts as well.

Its exact roll in government varies form nation to nation, but typically they are seen as the highest authority on all matters conserving pokémon.

In Celios, they are the only authority on pokémon, no city sate or confederacy has any law in regards to pokémon besides clarifying an unclear or vague League policy.

The Pokémon League

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